Professional development plan 2015

student outcomes

Using data to inform what you do in the classroom


professional knowledge

Apply AUSVELs correctly

Demonstrate knowledge of my student’s learning needs

Use a range of teaching strategies

professional practice

Provide useful feedback to students in a timely manner

Use learning intentions – explain to the students what they should know when they leave the class

professional engagement

Upon completion, common assessment tasks are moderated

Engage in opportunities to improve teaching practice

Evidence For Domain One

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Evidence for domain 2

I always welcome peer observations, as I believe it is one of the most effective ways to evaluate one's own teaching practice. This year, I chose to work with Emma Pippos in peer observation (see images).

I also report on the abilities that students are able to demonstrate, rather than 'where they are supposed to be'. This means that there is always a range of AusVELS results in each of my classes. These are verified through moderation of assessments.

I regularly make use of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria to ensure students are aware of their learning.

Not only do I regularly attend KLA and Staff meetings, I have also, during 2014, run the English KLA Planning Workshops.

Knowing that students are better engaged through the use of technology, I designed and implemented a website for the English KLA's Writing Folio task. This website is now being used across Years 7-10.

Further to this, I have had a multitude of conversations with colleagues about the benefits of flipped learning.

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Evidence For Domain three

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Evidence for domain 4

As a professional, I regularly engage in moderation of assessment tasks. This is undertaken as both formal moderation groups as well as informally with other teachers of the same year level.

Professional Development is the core of the teaching profession; teachers must move with new educational processes, initiatives and technologies. This is why I regularly participate in Professional Development. Not only do I participate in internal and external PD, I also have provided colleagues with Professional Development. Partly this has been the result of becoming Online Content Co-ordinator.

Taking on a pre-service teacher is also a fantastic way to engage in Professional Development, as it is a two-way relationship between the student and the mentor.

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